Solid Surfboards-WTF-5'9

Solid Surfboards-WTF-5'9

$675.00 Regular Price
$645.00Sale Price

5'9x19.42"x2.38"= 29.3 Liters

Stringerless EPS, Bio Epoxy Resin, 5 Fin, Basalt Stringers to control flex. Board has pop and spring to it making it lively in mediocre surf. Great for waves waist high to a couple feet overhead. Goes good as a thruster or quad, but best as an MR 2+1. 

We took our trigger fish and put a wing on it.

Winged TriggerFish – the WTF

Changed the bottom slightly, made it into a straight single concave to increase drive, with the sensitivity added from the wing the board gained maneuverability so we countered that with removing the double and vee that the Triggerfish traditionally has, and made it a straight single cocave the whole way through. So what we have here is a board that maneuvers tight and well, but also generates speed down the line. Great addition to your everyday quiver.


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