Ponto Surfboards-Ranger Thruster-6'9

Ponto Surfboards-Ranger Thruster-6'9


6'9x21.63"x2.75"= 45.7 Liters

Ponto Surfboards. The Ranger slimmed down and turned into a thruster. This is more of a midlength feeling shortboard, for average to good surf. A great model for someone larger or for a beginners first shortboard. Board has excellent paddle power and floatation and will provide that glide into mushy waves. This is a spin off of the Midlength model the Ranger. it's been slimmed down thinned out and turned into a user friendly shortboard. Rails feel great, full but not boxy or overly chunky at all. Landens an amazing shaper and shaped for Lost Surfboards for years, so his work truly speaks for itself.  Standard glassing, sanded finish, PU. Futures Fin Boxes. Shaped in Oceanside, California.

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