Ponto Surfboards-Ranger-7'0

Ponto Surfboards-Ranger-7'0


7'0x21.75"x2.75"= 48.3 Liters

Ponto Surfboards. The Ranger model is a midlength designed for everything from knee high mush burgers to a few feet overhead. An all arounder. Single Fin, gloss and polish resin tint glass.  The gloss and polish is a stronger glass job than your standard sanded finish glassing. Resin Tint will keep your board looking good and doesn't get brown and yellow from getting blasted by the sun over the years. Great model for anyone who loves midlengths or someone learning to surf who doesn't wanna pack around a big 9ft longboard down the beaches or trails. Also a great "transition" model for someone who's stepping down from a longboard. 

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