Ponto Surfboards-MoonTail Quad-5'11

Ponto Surfboards-MoonTail Quad-5'11


5'11x21"x2.56"= 35.9 Liters

Ponto Surfboards. The Peace Keeper is a Moontail design. The moontail will provide excellent Hold when on rail and on the flipside will be loose and release off the top when you want that loose feeling because of all the area taken out of the swallow. Very similar to a large swallow or fish. The hip will help the board pivot quicker when you wanna go vertical. This board generates down the line speed very well in weaker surf due to the amount of tail area it carries.  Strictly a Quad Fin design. Resin Tint, Sanded Finish, PU. Futures Fin Boxes. 

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