Ponto Surfboards-Mini Vacay-6'6

Ponto Surfboards-Mini Vacay-6'6


6'6x22.25"x2.88"= 47.5 Liters

Ponto Surfboards. The Mini Vacay, Single fin + 4 Fins. Can be ridden as a single fin, single plus trailers or a straight up quad fin. Very versatile design. This is a mini noserider. Usually shaped as a midlength mini noserider, we've had these custom shaped into shorter designes for those of us who love riding shortboards and don't always wanna pack around a heavy 9fter down to the beach or through some of the trails to get down to the points. Perfect board for when the waves don't have enough push for your standard shortboard. Excellent paddle power and floatation.  Standard glassing, sanded finish, PU. Shaped in Oceanside, California.

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