Murdey Surfboards-Skullet Sword-6'2

Murdey Surfboards-Skullet Sword-6'2

$695.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price

6'2x19 5/8"x2 1/2"

Murdey Surfboards. The Skullet Sword is a daily driver shortboard. Meant to be ridden in the average surf conditions we recieve all year. Anything from waist high waves with some shape to waves a few feet over your head. The lower nose rocker allows this board to paddle and glide into waves with ease compared to your standard high performance shortboard with a high to medium nose rocker. Lower rocker = faster planning when paddling.  This model carries good foam under the chest with a wide point front from center. I have this model myself and have ridden it in good 3 to 4 foot surf all the way up to 8-10ft faces and it works great. The size of this board makes it ideal for a beginner shortboarder to an advanced Larger surfer who needs the volume . This is a Handshape so Volume dims are not specified. If you know your volume then compare the dims to what your currently riding and it'll give you an idea of what your looking at here. Standard Glassing, PU, Sanded Finish, Solid Grey Airbrush top and bottom, 5 Fin Futures fin boxes.  Carbon Tail patch.  Brand New. On sale for $499.00 , normally $695. 

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