Hack Surfboards-Throttle-5'9-27.5 Liters

Hack Surfboards-Throttle-5'9-27.5 Liters

$650.00 Regular Price
$550.00Sale Price

5'9x19.25"x2.31" = 27.5 Liters

Hack Surfboards, shaped in Oceanside California. The Throttle model is a daily driver with a lower nose rocker than your standard High Performance Surfboard. The nose rocker is Medium/MediumLow. Single to double concave with some V in the tail. Great paddle power and glide. Very user friendly shortboard. Designed as a daily driver to be ridden in just about any condition from waist high with shape to as big as your probably comfortable surfing. I've ridden mine in just about everything and it goes great. By far an easier shortboard to ride than the high performance boards of the past. Very similar to a Lost V2 or a CI Flyer. New Surfboard on sale for $550 normally $650.

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