Hack Surfboards-Baller-6'4-43.2 Liters

Hack Surfboards-Baller-6'4-43.2 Liters

$695.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price

6'4x22.25"x2.63"= 43.2 Liters

Hack Surfboards. Shaped in Oceanside California. This model is designed for mediocre surf. Low entry rocker with a deep single concave into a double and some V in the tail. Super fast board that carries speed in slower sections with ease. Wide point forward, board carries it's with into the tail for built in speed. 5 Fin Option so you can ride it as a quad or a thruster. Very similar model to the puddle jumper or a gremlin. Works killer in beach breaks. New surfboard on sale. New $695 on sale for $499.00 Airbrushed by Mark Avina who does airbrush work for Channel Islands, Lost, Pyzel etc. Shaped by Landen Young. 

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